Coworking in Madrid, open to collaborationCoworking in Madrid, open to collaboration

We have created a coworking space for co-creation and collaboration in Madrid. The co-working space allows independent professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, microenterprises and SME from different sectors to share the same working place to research and develop projects independently, as well as to develop common projects amongst co-workers.

Coworking in Madrid, open to collaborationCoworking in Madrid, open to collaboration

Unicentro’s Coworking aims to create a collaborative COMMUNITY where professionals from different sectors linked to innovation and entrepreneurship share the same SPACE. Here they can generate synergies, create valuable content, contribute with ideas that flow, learn one from another and develop new projects


Coworking is an active space, to breathe life into fresh ideas, where pure entrepreneurship is emphasised, 100% geared towards innovation, a home for huge talent with the desire of challenging existing ideas. It’s the perfect ecosystem for both young and veteran entrepreneurs, who are looking to develop new projects or innovative businesses.

Coworking is the ideal solution for people starting a new project. Co-working means they can start working directly from the first day, without worrying about looking for an office and all the initial costs associated with this.


At Unicentro, we have arranged everything so you can focus on your ideas from day one.
At Unicentro, we support all those people with innovative ideas and different working practices. We invite them to participate in our coworking, a place where one can enjoy working amongst likeminded entrepeneurs.

For more information about coworking rates and terms, please contact us.

You can call us at 91 4113219 (during office hours) or fill in this short questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to ask for the latest offers that we have for entrepreneurs!

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