Offices for rent in Madrid

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Dispatches for rent in Madrid
Dispatches for rent in Madrid

OFFICES 1-2 p.
from 500€
(10 – 15 m2)

If you are an entrepreneur this first choice of office can be the one that best suits your new business, being able to always increase the space contracted.

Dispatches for rent in Madrid

OFFICES 3-4 p.
from 800€
(15 – 20 m2)

Ideal for a small business or a small team of professionals. There are several options. Come and meet them!

Dispatches for rent in Madrid

OFFICES 5-6 p.
from 1000€
(20 – 30 m2)

They are more spacious, furnished in a very well thought out way where comfort and functionality are combined. You have different alternatives of spaces to choose from.

Dispatches for rent in Madrid

OFFICES 7-8 p.
from 1500€
(30 – 40 m2)

In these offices you and the rest of your team will work at full capacity, in a 100% professional environment and with all the necessary comforts for your day to day.

Dispatches for rent in Madrid

OFFICES 9-10 p.
from 2000€
(40 – 70 m2)

Without a doubt, a great option for teams of professionals who start to be great and who prefer to work in a business center with all the advantages that entails.

Dispatches for rent in Madrid

Check our services

When renting any of our offices you have a series of services that are already included in your monthly fee, but also if you need any extra services, we can also offer you. Tell us what you need!

And with all these services linked …

· Private telephone number
· Exclusive number, with which the secretary can answer with your name, or your choice with the name of your company.
· Personalized answering service for calls.
· Call forwarding service anywhere in the world.
· Personalized voicemail service.
· Multilingual reception English, French, Portuguese and Italian- Personalized attention of visits.
· Tax, social and commercial domicile of the company.
· Reception and distribution of mail, parcels, fax, etc.
· Individual air conditioning.
· Costs of maintenance, community, daily cleaning and security 24h.

· Internet connection fiber optic (30 Mega symmetrical).
· Possibility of VLANS.
· Independent firewalls per station.
· Network infrastructure with category 6 wiring.
· Uninterruptible Power Supply System (U.P.S.S.).
· Daily press in common area.
· Use of waiting room, reception and rest area.
· Access 24 Hrs.
· Name of your company in the general directory.
· 4 free hours of use of the Meeting Room (10 people).
· Use of UNICENTRO services according to the tariff.

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Dispatches for rent in Madrid


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Dispatches for rent in Madrid

Dispatches for rent in Madrid

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